LED Downlight

Our LED down lights series are made of high-purity die-cast aluminum. Die-cast aluminum is the best heat dissipation material, which helps to ensure the life of the lamp. Our die-casting workshop has sophisticated die-casting equipment.

Our LED down light product are designed with anti-glare, which can avoid damage to human eyes and create a prefect environment .Fantastic anti-glare design can protect your eyes healthy. Deep and hidden style LED light sources avoid direct irradiation from the can of the down light, which makes a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Our modern led down light are matched with high-quality LED drive such as Philips or Lifud driver , which can better guarantee the life of the entire lamp. The warranty for most of our downlight and track light series is 5 years . 5-year warranty can meet the requirements of large-scale engineering projects. Our commercial LED down light are suitable for indoor projects such as shopping malls, hotels or offices.

To make sure the colors consistent, our LED down light are using top brand COB LED such as Osram & Bridgelux. 

Our commercial LED downlight use high brightness and high color rendering index to ensure the lighting effect. The color rendering index of most of our products is greater than 90.

Our products are all in series, such as anti-glare downlight series from 10W to 50W, so that you can have more choices in your engineering projects. Customers can choose different power down light according to the size of the space, meanwhile you can maintain the consistency of the design.

We provide recessed & surfaced type for your choose.

All our products comply with CE and RoHS. We have 15 years of professional export experience, and our products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world. We can also provide product customization services, welcome led down light wholesaler & lighting project company to consult .







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